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DIY Costume ideas using MoMa Baby pieces

Posted by Monica Harper on

I thought it would be a lot of fun to share with you all some DIY costume ideas. These honestly can be made in an hour, and most of the materials *cough* all of the materials can be found at a dollar store, at least that is where I found mine!

The costumes I have picked use our MoMa Baby pieces and to be real I actually came up with 5 DIY costumes but I will save the others for another time. I will be sharing 2 costumes a Pineapple and a Black Cat, leave a comment letting me know which one is your favorite! 

DIY Pineapple 

So if you have been a fan of MoMa Baby for sometime you may be familiar with are Pineapple Print Spurts Harems, heck you may actually have a pair for your little one they were seriously so popular this past Spring and Summer and Yes we still have some in stock! These pants were the inspiration behind this costume! There are 2 DIY elements, a simple no sew cape, and a pineapple crown/headpiece.

So lets start!

What you will need

  • MoMa Baby Pineapple Spurts Harems (get them here)
  • 1 1/2 yard of Yellow Fabric (I use a basic cotton fabric but a warmer fabric like fleece would also work nicely)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler
  • Top (that fits your little one)
  • Black Marker
  • Green Felt
  • Hair Donut 

Once you have collected all of your supplies you are ready to begin!

Lets begin with the cape 

Part 1

Grab your top and measure from the shoulder to the hem, record that measurement and add a couple inches this will be your radius for the cape. For example for the one pictured the top was 16" I added 2" to make it 18".

Then take your yellow fabric, fold it in half twice! You should have 4 layers of fabric!

Then fold it into a triangle (as shown)

From the corner with all folds, measure down your radius and mark it all around to you have a quarter circle of markings.

Now cut along that line!

Unfold your fabric so it is in half (it looks like an upside down half of a taco shell)

Grab your top and place it in the center with the top if it at the fold.

Mark where the top opens and cut it slightly wider than the top, in a small oval shape.

Then cut down about 2" on the front this will make it easier to put on.

Lastly, draw on some ^ shapes randomly around the cape.

The Cape is DONE!

Now the Pineapple Crown!

Bring out your Green Felt, Hair Donut, Marker, Scissors and hot glue gun. *optional thin elastic to attach at the end so it wears more like a party hat.

So take you Green felt and measure your hair donut on it.

Draw a line length wise on the felt, this will give you a point not to cross when cutting the fronds.

I drew my line at 2.5" but probably should have made it closer to 1.5-2" my crown ended up being very tall.

Next draw some fronds at different heights and widths this will allow for more dimension.

Once you are happy with your fronds, determine which way you want to glue on your hair donut. 

Where you start the roll the fronds shouldn't be cut down too far as the middle ones you will want to stay more upright and the outer fronts you want to cut further down closer to line you originally drew so that they flop down.

Now cut the fronds out!

Hot Glue the Hair Donut and felt rolling it up.

Now you have your crown. 

To add the elastic hot glue it to the hair donut.

The taller your crown the heavier it will be so make sure to secure it firmly.

I attached the crown by pulling the hair through the hair donut and bobby pinning it in place.

DIY Black Cat

So here is a super quick Black Cat Costume. Please note that I was unaware that Feather Boas (especially those from the Dollar store) were made of real feathers, this DIY was made using a Feather Boa but I do not support the use of feathers or any animal products in Clothing. I apologize for this and have changed the supplies accordingly however the techniques used are the same

MoMa Baby items needed are;

Bodie Pullover in Black

Black/Charcoal Stripe Spurts Harems

DIY Supplies

Thin Headband

Black Felt


Hot Glue Gun

Rhinestones (optional)

Pink Felt (optional)

Black Faux fur fabric 

Strong wreath wire or Wire Hanger

Black Elastic

DIY Ears

To make the ears get your headband, Black felt, scissors, and hot glue gun. If you want to use the optional rhinestones and/or pink felt grab those as well.

Take your felt and cut it into 2 6"x6" squares.

Fold each piece in half diagonally, cut out ear shape. You can draw out the ear first and then cut if you want, I just decided to go for it and trust it would work out. Take your folded cut out ear and use this as a template to cut out the other ear.

Now place the ears on your headband and hot glue them around the headband.

*if you want to add pink felt to the middle of the ears to make them appear more cat like do this now. Cut you pink felt into ear shapes, smaller than your black ears.

Once the hot glue is dry, you can decorate with your rhinestones.

I had self adhesive rhinestones that made this project really quick, if you have regular ones just use your hot glue to stick them on. **be careful not to touch the hot glue**

Once everything is dry you have your Cat ears.

Black Tail

Take out your black (faux fur) fabric, Strong wreath wire or Wire Hanger and your hot glue gun and some black elastic.

Measure out how long you want your tail with the wire. Mine was about 20" long.

Make a loop in both ends of the wire and make sure that you will be able to fit the elastic through the loop.

Measure the waist of the little one who will be wearing the tail and add about 2". Cut your black elastic at this length, feed it through the loop of the wire and secure with a knot.

Now take your fabric and cut into 2" wide strips the number of strips will depend on the fabric. Take one strip and begin wrapping it along the wire, as you wrap add some hot glue to secure it into place. Keep repeating until you reach the end. 

Make sure you secure the end of your fabric the loop at the end.

Using the wire will allow you to bend and mold the tail to your liking.

as I mentioned my tail used a feather boa so it looks different but the method above should produce as a similar looking tail.

Put it all together


Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to leave a comment and if you enjoy these types of posts let me know. This was a lot of fun! 

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