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Our Beginning...

Posted by Maru Harper on


MoMa Baby apparel was born this summer as the brainstorm of my daughter Monica and me. A combination of the enchantment of the arrival of my granddaughter Little M, and the inundation of baby stuff! Oh yes, everywhere; new technology, new feeding theories, new fabrics to eliminate allergic skin reactions, it is endless.

So, the realization was clear that, I was a grandmother who, in the eyes of new parents, was outdated and knew little about how to raise a child. How did this happen? I am not old! I am a fit, hip, cool mom… Oh my… no more. I am nearing 60 and I have 2 options: sink into the abyss of being the resentful old grandma, or get with the program and learn everything all over again.

The truth is that I love being a grandmother today. Our children are such calm parents. They are patient, gentle and soft-spoken when they talk to their little ones. And as grandparents we have the advantage to live in a society where our children need us more than we did as new parents.

More and more of my grandparent friends are participating in the raising of their grandchildren. Just last week I went to visit my friend who was celebrating her 70th birthday. A friend, who as I recall, would have been horrified to see her children mess up her formal living room. Upon arriving, I was greeted by her little 12-month-old granddaughter who led me to this once impeccable living room filled (and I mean filled) with toys! And my friend has never looked happier! Does this sound familiar?

This is a blog of the process of growing as grandmother and aunt as intrinsic parts of the hipster parent of today. We want to hear from parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles and learn about what you all want to see in our clothes.

We are about our environment, and how to reverse the pollution that previous generations have created. We want to prolong the lifespan of our planet for our little ones by using natural, organic fabrics and minimizing waste. We want your opinion on how to accomplish this. Be a part of our experience. And YES, please share pictures of your little ones in MoMa outfits. We would love to showcase them in our website.

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