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Why MoMa?

Posted by Maru Harper on

We have been working incessantly to bring our SPURTS SHORTS and SPURTS HAREMS to you, young parents of the new millennium. We attended the Vancouver Island Baby fair on September 24 and 25, and were delighted to exchange our ideas with so many of you. It is amazing how new parents and new grandparents are aware of what is important to babies of today.

I was personally thrilled to see how so many new fathers are much more involved with their little babies.

So the question was raised several times throughout the weekend: why MoMa wear? What makes us different, Why would you, parents, consider our clothes compared to other baby clothes.

It took us a great deal of research to come up with our products, and while each one has different attributes, there are common qualities that make them all the best garments for your baby.

We have chosen natural organic fabrics because we believe they are produced in a more sensitive manner towards our environment. Also they breath better reducing the risk of moisture and growth of bacteria in your baby's skin.

Each garment is individually cut for a purpose: we take each yard of fabric, and utilize that yard to its maximum thus reducing waste. Our landfills are exploding with waste from manufacturers who do not care how much fabric is not used.
We select our prints from original artists and choose them with the baby in mind. Children want to love their clothes. They like colours, shapes, and enjoy finding smiles or recognizable items in their clothing. We want them to enjoy their little outfits.

Comfort, for both parent and child. Our shorts as our harems are easy to put on, and take off. And they are soft and durable. Our bibs and headbands are made out of the same soft organic cotton so your baby's skin will never get irritated by hard surfaces.
All of our items are sewn in pre-washed, pre-shrunk fabric so that your garment will not come with surprises. Wash after wash, your garment will retain the same size and shape.

Which brings me to the main reason why MoMA has thought about you and your wallet. Your Spurts short and harem will be a part of your baby's wardrobe a lot longer than other pants. Which is why they are called SPURTS. They follow your baby's growth spurts with the foldable waistband and leg cuffs. Your baby can wear the same pant from the age of 3 months until 12 months. And then from 12 months to an incredible 4T. Most other labels will want to sell you multiple different sizes for our one piece.

So when you pick your MoMa piece, remember what went through in the making of your baby's garment. Oh, and also remember that each piece goes through our hands several times and trust me when I say that both Monica and I (Maru) find every piece endearing, and are always thrilled to see them on your babies. Our little ambassadors can attest to our drooling when they come to try and test our clothes.

That is why MoMa.

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